Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Holidays from all of us...

Mikey told me that he wanted his adoring fans to have an update. And you just can't ignore Mikey telling you what to do.

I'm going to get a nice photo spread together when I get on vacation next week and publish a holiday update to everyone. We've had a mostly triumphant year and we've managed to keep our family moving in the right directions across the board, and the update will give you guys all of that.

So this is a quick update to let all of you readers know that we're going to start using our blog again and share Mikey's story. In light of the 2 years of experience we have in living with a very special child, we've decided to do a couple of things, but we need your help to make them come to a reality.

* We are going to write a memoir of the first two years of Mikey's life. We're going to try and take our story and put it to use for families that go through things similar to us, and hopefully give them some hope for the future and courage to face it head on.

* We want to start an advocacy group to help families find, secure and manage in-home nursing, medical supply deliveries and manage the massive paper nightmare that floods your kitchen table with decisions to make, decisions made for you - mostly not to your liking, and how to manage the people in your home.

Here's what we need from you:

1.) We need pictures, stories, emails you have related to our story. I know I sent lots of emails to folks that I haven't kept as good track of as I'd like - but it's not like I was busy or anything.

2.) The concept for the book needs to have more than just our perspectives and all of you folks reading this probably have lots of little details that we didn't see because we were so busy just getting through our days. So I'm looking for your stories of watching our family go through these past two years. I'm sure we've done things we wish we could change, would do again without question and things we did that we don't even know we did - whatever you have, send it over!

Until the update, Merry Christmas from Mikey and his family.