Thursday, August 30, 2007


Dear Friends, Family and all the people who have
prayed, thought about or supported us in anyway…This
is for you.

We don’t know how to begin to thank all of you who
helped out at the benefit. We know there were many
people behind the scenes who cooked, cleaned, made
food and donated baskets, money or their time. It was

We felt so honored and loved by the amount of people
who showed up and blessed our family with their
smiles, their hugs and well wishes. We are truly
lucky to have you all in our lives and our family in
your hearts.

We’d like to continue to write, upload pictures and
give you information about Mikey and our family as
often as we can. I can’t believe how the summer flew
by and I barely saw the sun with all the appts. and
therapies Mikey has had. My girls barely got a chance
to ride their bikes or swim in the pool. But don’t
feel too bad for us. In a few weeks we will get a
chance to earn some of that time back and make up for
the time Mikey and I spent in the hospital.

We have an opportunity to vacation this fall. We will
upload the pictures from where we are at when we get
there. You can start guessing if you want. It’s a
beautiful place that I have never been and Mike, my
husband, can’t wait to whisk our family away to this
place. No nurses, No therapies, No doctor appts.!!
Mikey’s first airplane!!

We have a lot on our plate right now but we had to
make the time to do this video for you and let you
know how much we have needed your prayers and kind
words. The cards that are coming in are so touching
and warm. You have no idea how loved that makes us
feel. I only hope one day I will be able to give back
all the love you’ve shown us.

Thank you, we love you, this is more than words can

Mike, Michelle, Michailey, Emme & Mikey