Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mikey's Big News!

One week ago today Mikey went to the ENT and got a speaking valve! We have been working with a wonderful speech therapist, Liz, who agreed with us that Mikey needs to hear himself when he wants to communicate. So the whistling sound I used to hear when he cries, is now just that, HIS cry. It's the most wonderful thing I have ever heard!

I now feel like a true Mom. I can tell when my little boy is sad, hurt, hungry or just plain wants his Mommy. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to comfort him like that.

Mikey has been doing really well with therapies and at the doctor appts. He has a super PT that is working with his arching and muscles to be able to sit up. Mikey just loves it when Maria comes to work him out. She is the only one who can get him to relax in a good midline position.

Dr. Montgomery is an awsome pediatrician who follows him every month with his G-tube feedings, trach care and all the other typical baby stuff.

Mikey has 7 other doctor appts. this month so I hope you can understand if we don't always update the blog as much as we want to. We are sorry for that.

We will continue to update everyone with HIS progress, us and the girls.

Thanks for continuing to read and send comments. We really love to hear from you.

New video and pics, coming soon!!