Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Our little fighter in training

Ok, ok, ok. You want an update. I know. My apologies. I have to admit my sleep altered state has somewhat affected my writing desires the past couple of weeks. We've had lots of uncovered nursing shifts and we're still trying to sift through people that are interested in helping, but don't meet the medicaid requirements or those that do, but have a pile of paperwork to get through, just to get going.

Shell's been doing everything she can to keep our lives as normal as possible - but that's almost a herculean feat at this point. Just taking the family to DQ the other night proved to be nightmarish - let alone thinking about how we can do all of this without nursing covering all the hours we've been told to have (and really need) and still keep our sanity.

I think the hardest part is that the nights I stay up, I sleep in the evening for a couple hours before the shift. So we don't really get the time together that we both need. Then the next night when we do have a nurse, I stay up waiting for her to come and Shell gets some rest early since the next night I have an overnight again and she's got a lot to get through. Ships passing in the night pretty much sucks. Add in trying to run the business and her keeping up with the nurses, scheduling of therapies, doctor appointments, you name it.

So, coming apart at it seams has it's rewards, however. Take a look at this video. While most of you that have babies that just did everything they were expected to, just imagine that it happened in sloooooooooow motion, ok? Just figure tiny steps, not running strides.

We're so proud of this boy.

This video is dedicated to all of you that have helped us in any small or large way. We're still trying to figure out how to thank everyone properly, but hopefully you all realize when you watch these videos that you made it possible for Mikey to get moving in the right direction. You made it happen with your smiles, encouragement, babysitting, extra money to get what we needed, shopping, laundry, errands, friendship, love, many prayers and hope - for all that's better than what Mikey had to start with. He's on his way because you helped his Mommy and Daddy be what he needed, even if we were completely neglecting all our other duties. Thank-you.