Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Notes from Mikey's Guestbook

When Mikey was in the NICU at Sisters', I started a guestbook for people to sign when they came to see him. He had lots and lots of visitors. I can't even tell you how much it meant to me that he got to spend lots of good time with so many people that love him. So many people did things for us and Mikey during this time that it's hard to find a way to say thanks. This picture is with his Grampy - he's spent so much time with him. I know he feels that Mikey's going to make a good recovery - and when he does, it will be in part because of the time he spent holding him. Here's some of the notes left for Mikey in his book - in no particular order.

"Ohhhh, my beautiful nephew! We had a beautiful visit. I got to change his diaper and held him for 45 minutes. We read a bible story, too. Love you baby boy!" --Aunt Dawn

"Aunt Audra and Mikey got to share a very special time together! Holding him for the first time was probably more theraputic for me than for him. I hope he felt all the love I had because he is perfect!" --Aunt Audra

"Aunt Jenna in for another cuddle at 1pm. He laid quietly. Stretched often and was loved much. During the visit Aunt Audra also stopped by to give him her lovin'" -- Aunt Jenna

"Hi Michael, This was the second time I was able to hold you and it does my heart good! Keep up the good work and I'll see you soon handsome. Love, Gretchen"

"Hi Buddy - it's Daddy here. You and I had a really nice time tonight - almost no suction! I love hearing your little voice! You sneezed all over me - I've never been prouder!" - Daddy.

"Hi Muckey Jr! This is your Daddy's Mom. You have been doing great. I have been with you at night for over 2 weeks. We have been talking about how much everyone loves you and the day you will be coming home. I love you and wish only the best for you." -Gamma

"I miss you. I love you. Love Michailey" - Big Sis #1

"Emme loves you" - Big Sis #2

"Mamma says 'Love and hugs my little bug'. Mommy's doing much better and you're going to come up to see her tomorrow little boy!" - Daddy (and Mommy)

Shell and I want to thank everyone who has visited Mikey over and over for sharing your love with him, especially when we can't just bring him home and hold him for days at a time. I know it had an effect and helped him out of the times with seizures and medicines and the rest. THANKS. It's a small word and doesn't do justice for how we feel in our hearts about what you've helped with, but it needs saying nonetheless.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

IV’s, tubes, lights and discovery

Michael was born with a hypoxic, ischiemic encephalopathy. That means he has a loss of blood pressure and oxygen, which caused an injury to his brain. It caused swelling (you can see how puffy his eyes were) in his head that lasted about a week and a half after he was born.

My little buddy managed to continue to rip out IV’s left and right - just showing the spirit that helped him live through his trauma. We were informed that his cord gas was in the high 6’s, much lower than normal, but had returned quickly after he was born. His cord gas was so low, it was unexpected that he would live. Yet he pushed on in this world.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Michael Joseph Jr. - A tribute to strength, makes his debut

Our son Michael was born with all the bells dinging and lights flashing - and defied all the odds against him.

His beautiful momma had a rare, complicated and most of the time deadly blood complication called an Amniotic Fluid Embolism (AFE) after her water was broken. This caused her blood pressure to drop and begin cardiac arrest. She bravely fought for her life while Dr. Paul Wopperer calmly and confidently saved both momma and son.

This blog is about his courage, spirit, love, family and Momma. His Daddy is as proud of him as could be, and is documenting the spirit of hope and love that has helped Mikey grow and rebound from this hardest of beginnings.